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The Modish Spirit (Non-Alcoholic)

This modern interpretation of the timeless Old Fashioned uses premium ingredients centered on the flavor combination of chocolate & orange to highlight the smoke and chili undertones of The Spirit of Tequila.

The Cardamom Ginger Highball (Non-Alcoholic)

The caramel and cinnamon flavors of Free Spirits Bourbon are enhanced with cardamom bitters and spicy ginger ale in this crisp, refreshing, non-alcoholic highball. 

The Free-Spirited Bee (Non-Alcoholic)

Based on an old prohibition recipe, this cocktail is filled with B-vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants that will lift your spirit while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

‘Cocktails & Connections’ vs ‘Alcohol & Interactions’

Here’s the thing. Personally, I’ve never craved or even really liked alcohol. I love a great cocktail, served in a beautiful glass. And I love the social interaction. 

Lowgroni - Low-Proof Negroni

Enjoy the flavors of a classic Alcohol Negroni without the side effects.   

The Spicy MargaFREEta

For a non-alcoholic margarita that’ll tingle your taste buds and help lift your mood try this zero-proof spin on a margarita. 

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