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We've always loved having a great cocktail.*
*Okay, fine, several great cocktails!

But as much as we loved a full glass of a wonderfully mixed, complex cocktail, we eventually realized that it wasn't always the alcohol we were after. Which led us to ask an almost heretical question. "What if alcohol wasn't the 'star player' of every great cocktail?" And, what's more, 'what if we could control the amount of alcohol in our favorite cocktails without sacrificing the taste or the integrity of the cocktail?'

And that's why we founded The Free Spirits Company.

Located in Marin County, California, The Free Spirits Company crafts non-alcoholic spirit alternatives including Bourbon, Gin and Tequila. Through a process called Distillate Reconstruction, we source natural, real ingredients like American White Oak, European Juniper, and Mexican Blue Agave, then distill their essence and reconstruct the unique nose, flavor notes, and mouthfeel of the world’s great liquors. Where the alcohol would have been, Free Spirits infuses vitamins B3 and B6 along with naturally uplifting amino acids like taurine for that little something extra. With Free Spirits, drinkers have complete control to ‘dial-up’ or ‘dial-down’ their favorite cocktail from replacing 1:1 to ‘half and half’ or beyond, without sacrificing taste. Free Spirits are made for those who refuse to compromise between a great cocktail and a great time.

Free Spirits - the good spirit of great cocktails.

The Free Spirits Company

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