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Why The Free Spirits Company was founded.

The Free Spirits Company is here to champion individualism. We are a brand for those who have the confidence to go their own way and the wisdom to do what they know is best for their path. Free spirits refuse to be chained down by the expectations of others or by the societal norms set forth by any industry that works to influence how they live.

No matter who you are. No matter where you go. Be you. Live in the spirit of your best self. And break free from anything that holds you back. You’ve worked too hard to get here to show up as anything less.

Free Spirits.  Set yourself free.


Who are the people behind Free Spirits?

We’re just a small group of friends and family who live in Marin County California (home to some pretty rad stuff like Star Wars, The Grateful Dead, The Summer of Love and The Golden Gate Bridge) and love a great cocktail.

We’ve always been a very social group of people and alcohol has always played a central role in our lives - for better or worse. Many of us came to a similar conclusion at a similar time: That, alcohol isn’t as critical as we once thought it was to having a great time, to making connections with people and to having a great cocktail. That said, we are drinkers and we love a great cocktail and getting that kind of buzz from time to time. We now just see the value in having options.

So whether you’re living Alcohol Free for the moment, the night, the month or longer, you now have a complex, considered alternative to some of the world's great spirits.

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Hey hey all you free spirits. 

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