Kentucky Kiss

A nod to the 'Kentucky Hug', the Kentucky Kiss infuses the warmth of The Spirit of Bourbon with zesty citrus and ripe strawberries - it's a hug and kiss of Southern charm.

Whiskey Smash

Dangerously drinkable and very similar to a mint julep. No fancy tins or silly hats, just a very crushable cocktail that won't crush you!

The Boulevardier Spritz

A playful twist on the traditional cocktail, our Boulevardier Spritz goes from day to night, bringing The Spirit of Bourbon into a classic spritz.

The Koji Sour

For a modern take on a Whiskey Sour, try this twist which uses miso paste to add more complexity and balance to the traditional cocktail.

Bourbon Shakerato

Your morning coffee never tasted so good. Enjoy your espresso with The Spirit of Bourbon in this classic Italian frothy espresso cocktail.

The Cozy Season Sour

Cuddle up this holiday season with a comforting cocktail that is as warming as the fire.

The Sazerac

With our non-alcoholic recipe, The Spirit of Bourbon takes center stage and there’s a hint of anise from the tarragon syrup and a healthy dose coming from the bitters.

Autumn's Child

The cozy season is upon us, so wrap yourself around this gorgeous autumn cocktail.

Betty Collins

A lively non alcoholic cocktail with The Spirit of Bourbon and a ‘Buzz’ you weren’t expecting from vitamins b3 and 6 plus a dash of amino acids.

The 49er

"There’s gold in them thar hills" and here’s an N/A Cocktail as golden as the state it comes from.

Irish Elevenses

Get St Patrick’s day started early with a smashing 11 o’clock tipple!

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

Warm up a cold winter day with a low-proof smoke show made with The Spirit of Bourbon.

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