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Free Spirits offers five NA alternatives to popular spirits: bourbon, gin, tequila, red vermouth, and a bitter aperitif. Each spirit even finishes with a fiery, ginger-like kick reminiscent of the “burn” of real alcohol. The Spirit of Gin oozes lime oil on the nose, and while there isn’t much juniper on the palate, the finish is complete with a satisfying burn. Geared toward reposado and añejo drinkers, the line’s tequila alternative offers robust agave aromas that carry over to the taste buds along with sweet vanilla and a tannic twang. The Spirit of Bourbon does a wonderful job of mimicking the corn, caramel, and charred oak flavors of its alcoholic counterpart, while the brand’s Vermouth Rosso supplies aromas of warm baking spices and supple currant fruit notes.

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Missing margs? Then you’ll want to get your hands on this tequila alternative from Free Spirits, a brand that Lara considers one of her current favorites. The brand has improved upon their original recipe and created something that’s pretty close to the real thing—as I can attest since I’ve been enjoying mixing up NA margaritas with it recently. (Note that there’s less than 0.5% ABV in this tequila alternative.) It’s formulated with natural flavors like agave and oak to replicate the taste of a reposado tequila. It’s got hints of oak, vanilla, and a touch of spiciness too.

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At is core, Thanksgiving is about bringing people together around a table. Why not serve a drink that everyone can agree upon? Instead of using bourbon to make a batch cocktail, Gonzalez likes to serve an apple butter old fashioned that stars Spirit of Bourbon. "I made this last year and every single guest came back for a second drink," [Brianda Gonzalez of The New Bar].

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Free Spirits' The Spirit of Tequila. I love a Spicy Margarita, and this tastes so good when mixed with the right ingredients. It gives you a little kick and smoky warmth as it goes down your throat. The fact that it has functional ingredients to elevate your mood makes it even more appealing.

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My go-to when I want to make the nonalcoholic version of a fancy craft tequila cocktail, Free Spirits The Spirit of Tequila is solid and reliable no matter the context. Agave is the main flavor, slightly acidic with a big dose of green bell pepper and the slightest touch of sweetness, with a substantial but not overwhelming burn. If you make a lot of tequila drinks, and want one bottle that will perform equally well in sweet, sour, and savory cocktails, this is the one to buy. Free Spirits also fortifies their spirits with B vitamins and amino acids for a boost of energy without caffeine.

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Ryan Castelaz of Discourse and Agency, shows us how to make an N/A bees knees.

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Free Spirits The Spirit of Bourbon
Cinnamon, cloves, and herbal notes mesh well with the spice of ginger ale.

Free Spirits The Spirit of Milano
On the sweeter side of bittersweet, this bottling’s grapefruit, lime, and blood orange flavors open up many possibilities, from a classic spritz to a Pimm’s Cup.

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Free Spirits' iteration of an Italian aperitivo can help make a spirit-free sbagliato or a no-booze negroni. The bittersweet and vibrant red Campari-ish concoction is surprisingly complex, with rich notes of rhubarb and orange peel. Sip it in a spritz, make it the base of a mocktail or drink it on the rocks with a twist.

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Cait Madry of Clearheaded.co stopped by Good Day LA with some Dry January tips and a non-alcoholic margarita featuring Free Spirits.

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Free Spirits’s take on tequila is oaky and smoky; quiet enough that it can be easily buried in cocktails, but loud enough to be heard through club soda or, for that paloma, grapefruit soda.

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A Negroni or an aperol spritz are among my favorite summer cocktails because they’re refreshing, but also because if I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I can pretend I am in Florence. But sometimes, I want the fantasy without the alcohol.

Free Spirits The Spirit of Milano is herby and citrusy, with just the right amount of bitter and a bit of red pepper, which gives it the warming sensation you get when you drink alcohol.

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One of the more popular non-alcoholic spirit brands that Sheinbaum mentioned, the Free Spirits Co., has made it much easier to make signature cocktails that still look and have the mouth feel of traditional cocktails. Milan Martin, the founder of the brand, believes no one should have to sacrifice their behavior, health, or their next morning to have a great celebration. (I personally used the brand’s Spirit of Gin, Tequila, and Bourbon at my wedding, and they were a big hit. My bartender even switched out Casamigos for the Spirit of Tequila for guests who had a little too much to drink, and they didn’t even notice!)

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My go-to when I want to make the nonalcoholic version of a fancy craft tequila cocktail, Free Spirits The Spirit of Tequila is solid and reliable no matter the context. Agave is the main flavor, slightly acidic with a big dose of green bell pepper and the slightest touch of sweetness, with a substantial but not overwhelming burn. If you make a lot of tequila drinks, and want one bottle that will perform equally well in sweet, sour, and savory cocktails, this is the one to buy. Free Spirits also fortifies their spirits with B vitamins and amino acids for a boost of energy without caffeine.

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Free Spirits offers three options aimed at providing direct alternatives to popular spirits. All finish with a fiery kick akin to fresh ginger and seemingly intended to recreate the “burn” of alcohol. The Spirit of Gin oozes lime oil on the nose and kicks in a peppery bite of juniper on the palate. The brand’s tequila alternative — aimed at reposado and añejo drinkers — matches sweet vanilla with rustic herbaceous notes, and is the best booze-free tequila imitation we tasted. The Spirit of Bourbon does a similarly fine job of delivering notes of corn, caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak that define America’s native spirit, while the Spirit of Milano offers a worthy alternative to your favorite Italian amaro.

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I was impressed by the packaging of Free Spirits, because these deceptively look like real bottles of bourbon, tequila or gin. What's even more surprising is how realistic the gin and bourbon smelled upon opening the bottles. The bourbon, my favorite selection of the three, had the flavors and elements of the actual liquor (such as a smooth wood oak-like aroma, combined with vanilla and other spices).

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Unlike their forefathers, the new generation of low-to-no alcohol adult beverages is not geared towards those that are begrudgingly avoiding the impact of a boozy night but are rather beverages that offer a complexity of taste, and many of the psychological pleasures associated with a traditional cocktail and some are even aiming to offer health benefits as well – what’s not to like? One of our team, Lenore Hawkins, claims that the Spirit of Bourbon from the Free Spirits company offers a spectacular upfront taste and a throat warming spicy finish reminiscent of the lovely burn one would get from her much-loved Irish whiskey on the rocks.

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Missing a good old fashion? Free Spirits' take on bourbon has the rich, oaky taste that you know and love. The alternative alcohol also features hints of caramel and a malty, brown sugar finish.

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One of the few no-ABV spirits to nail that burn in the throat, Free Spirits’ approximation of reposado tequila is surprisingly successful and a serious delight to sip — though it’s been specifically designed to mix well in a margarita.

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Of all the gin alternatives available now, this version from Free Spirits in California may be my personal favorite. There’s crisp juniper here and a touch of citrus-pith bitterness, plus a masterful bit of spice that warms your tongue as you sip.

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Be wild and free, without the temptation of alcohol.
Free Spirits are just that — an alcohol-free spirit inspired by bourbon, tequila or gin bit with none of the booze.

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Inspired by Plymouth-style gins, this alcohol-free alternative beams with bright structure and bold botanicals, especially when paired with a crisp tonic water.

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Hilary [Author Hilary Sheinbaum] said one of her go-to's this month is Free Spirits which offerers [sic] three nonalcoholic varieties: tequila, bourbon, and gin.
“You can still enjoy your favorite beverages like Margaritas, Old Fashioned’s and Martinis. If you love mixing creative cocktails but you don't want a buzz, I highly recommend adding these to your bar cart.”

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In a hat tip to the wellness crowd, Free Spirits adds B vitamins and amino acids into the mix.
As for the flavor? “It has a little spice and a little smoke and is the perfect candidate for any bourbon mocktail,” says Popkow.

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This gin version also is citrus-forward like the Drink Monday version but this one has a pronounced juniper flavor, along with delicious coriander notes.
As one judge noted, “This tastes like gin to me!”. It worked beautifully in a Cucumber Gin Smash, in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to know it didn’t have alcohol.

Taste of Home: The Best Nonalcoholic Drinks & Spirits of 2022
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These tequila, gin and bourbon alternatives offer a “1:1 non-alcoholic alternative” to their boozy counterparts, plus each bottle is infused with B vitamins and amino acids. The gin is the standout here, although the tequila offers some heat and sweetness.

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Not only do Free Spirits' non-alcoholic spirit alternatives allow you to craft your favorite cocktail they way you like it, but now you can be a bit more present during social occasions or times when you just need something to take the edge off.

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The Spirit of Bourbon by Free Spirits has a higher acid content that offsets its heat and evokes red cherries, and a pure, smokeless caramelized sugar flavor that perfectly replaces Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort with cola, ginger ale, and lemonade. For colder weather, mix with mulled cider for a decadent, drinkable caramel apple.

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Whether taking a momentary break from drinking or abstaining from alcohol full time, Free Spirits is here to help make cocktail hour more pleasant. The San Francisco based brand offers a selection of alcohol-free spirts created via a meticulous process that identifies and re-creates the precise flavor profiles of the classics: bourbon, gin and tequila.

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...when I took a sip of the Free Spirits gin, I felt elated. It actually tasted like honest-to-god gin and I loved knowing it wouldn't give me a hangover as I gulped down my glass. In terms of actually tasting like alcohol, the Free Spirits gin took the cake.

Refinery29.com: Two Bourbon Enthusiasts Answer The Question: What’s The Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit?
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“There’s a gold rush of fantastic, new nonalcoholic products that deliver the same bright flavors of traditional liquors, but without the alcoholic content,” says Elva Ramirez, author of “Zero Proof: 90 Non- Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking.” “Keep the gin, skip the booze.”

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“Based in the towering redwoods of Marin County, The Free Spirits Company delivers savory mocktails. Each of these carefully-crafted beverages is infused with B vitamins and amino acids to heighten your senses hangover-free. Above everything, The Free Spirits Company takes taste very seriously—boasting recipes to satisfy even the toughest mocktail critic.”

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“Fans of Kentucky bourbon will swoon for Free Spirits’ caramel-kissed oak-infused alternative. It has the bite of good bourbon and is excellent in a cocktail. We love it in a classic hot toddy. Add two ounces to a mug, then top with hot water, a generous tablespoon or two of honey, a lemon wedge, and a cinnamon stick. It’s a warming libation that you can drink on a school or work night without having to worry about a hangover.”

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