What is Non-Alcoholic Bourbon?

What is Non-Alcoholic Bourbon?

Our Favorite Whiskey Cocktails 

Rye and bourbon are not just your ordinary spirits, they are the magic behind some of the most cherished cocktails in the world. From the timeless charm of the Old Fashioned to the deep complexity of the Manhattan, these cocktails have left an indelible mark on the world of mixology;

But what if you aren't drinking alcohol?

Maybe you aren't drinking for the round, or the night, or the month, or maybe 9 months, or longer. You may have nalso oticed that the menu of non-alcoholic drinks at your favorite spot has left much to be desired. Mocktails, often too sweet and lacking sophistication, don't cut it. 

But wait, an Old Fashioned without the alcohol?  Uhm, yes please.

What if you could make all your favorite whiskey cocktails, just without the alcohol? This is exactly what non-alcoholic bourbon is for. It fills in that gap that is left when you remove the spirit from a cocktail. It puts the cocktail back in balance and adds the complexity and nuance back that you love.

The Spirit of Bourbon by Free Spirits is a multi award-winning alternative to a rich Kentucky Bourbon. It's the only non-alcoholic whiskey to score a 92 with The Tasting Panel. They noted, "Cool, spiced noted of molasses, peach, and cedar are accompanied by aromas of toffee that linger on the coffee-apricot finish. Light and malty, this is meant to be mixed and would make a superb Boulevardier or Old Fashioned."

Free Spirits The Spirit of Bourbon and a cocktail

Don't like Bourbon? Free Spirits also makes non-alcoholic alternatives to a traditional gin, tequila, red-bitter aperitivo and sweet vermouth, as well as pre-mixed cocktails.

How is it made?

Through a process called Distillate Reconstruction, each one of the Free Spirits is crafted by identifying all of the raw materials, flavor components, interactions and alchemy that give traditional spirits their unique flavor profile.

We source natural ingredients like American White Oak and Yellow Dent Corn, distill their essential flavors, and reconstruct them to form something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

This creates an alternative to traditional bourbon that hits on the same flavor notes, but without the alcohol. Non-Alcoholic is defined by the FDA as being less than 0.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV). For comparison, a ripe banana can be up to 0.4% ABV 🍌, some hamburger buns are up to 1.28% ABV 🍔, and soy sauce is 2% ABV 🥡.

What our customers are saying about our non-alcoholic whiskey

David B: "Excellent job of capturing the essence of bourbon. So glad I found this. Will be enjoying for many years."

Barbara S: "I totally appreciate what Spirit of Bourbon has meant to my evenings. To be honest, I use half Spirit of Bourbon and half Bourbon for my evening cocktails. But it’s cut my alcohol intake in half and I feel so much better in the morning! Thank you Free Spirits!"

Where to find non-alcoholic bourbon

The Spirit of Bourbon can be found at some of the greatest bars (and home bars) in the world, and is available to purchase at retailers like Walmart, Total Wine & More, BevMo, Binny's and your favorite independent bottle shops. Find the closest location to you here or purchase it online.

Cheers. 🥃

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