No-groni Sour

Give your No-groni a frothy lift with citrus and egg whites. Keep on sippin' all through Negroni week!

The NOgroni (N/A Negroni)

The Negroni is one of the world's most-loved cocktails and also one of the simplest, consisting of equal parts of just three ingredients. 

Kentucky Kiss

A nod to the 'Kentucky Hug', the Kentucky Kiss infuses the warmth of The Spirit of Bourbon with zesty citrus and ripe strawberries - it's a hug and kiss of Southern charm.

Cantaloupe Paloma

This cocktail captures the essence of summer with fresh cantaloupe melon, a zing of fresh lemon juice and the sparkle of club soda. 

Watermelon Firecracker

Light your fuse and celebrate with some spicy summer refreshment!

Fennel & Watermelon Cooler

Fennel flowers and fronds add a delicate herbaceous note as you sip and savor.

Whiskey Smash

Dangerously drinkable and very similar to a mint julep. No fancy tins or silly hats, just a very crushable cocktail that won't crush you!

Bitters & Beer

Here's a fun beer spritz for the summer featuring The Spirit of Milano, The Spirit of Tequila, and some friends.

The Boulevardier Spritz

A playful twist on the traditional cocktail, our Boulevardier Spritz goes from day to night, bringing The Spirit of Bourbon into a classic spritz.

The Milano Spritz

The perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a Campari or Aperol Spritz.

Raspberry Collider

Accelerate your taste buds with this beautifully nuanced N/A cocktail with the colliding flavors of tarragon, mint and saffron honey syrup.

Waste Not, Want Not

Save those pineapple rinds!! That’s the secret to the delicious pineapple basil & tarragon cordial that's at the heart of this vibrant green non-alcoholic cocktail.

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