Pink Gin & Tonic

Get in the pink with a delightful pink non-alcoholic gin and tonic, fashioned with dried rose buds and Peychaud's bitters.

Bourbon Shakerato

Your morning coffee never tasted so good. Enjoy your espresso with The Spirit of Bourbon in this classic Italian frothy espresso cocktail.

The Bees Knees

"There is something about the Free Spirits gin that reaaaaaaaaaaaally brings out the citrus in the drink."

Holiday Lights Lemonade

Look what Santa brought this year, another non-alcoholic cocktail for the new year. For a zingier, more refreshing c...

The Huckleberry Diablo

(The Dark-Fruited Cousin of the Margarita)

The Snow Day

Our Snow Day cocktail is based upon the classic Gin Sour. Light, refreshing with a lot of character, our version comes with a tangy Meyer lemon cordial and is topped with a luscious snowy meringue and dried lemon.

The Cozy Season Sour

Cuddle up this holiday season with a comforting cocktail that is as warming as the fire.

The Winter Cup

This is a head turning holiday take on our 'Summer Cup', complete with an ostentatious garnish of winter herbs, citrus and berries and packed with warm spices to help you cozy up into the season of goodwill.

The Sazerac

With our non-alcoholic recipe, The Spirit of Bourbon takes center stage and there’s a hint of anise from the tarragon syrup and a healthy dose coming from the bitters.

The Bloody Beet Down

Grotesque and delicious, the richness of this spooky drink is balanced with the anise simple syrup for sweetness and lemon juice for the bright acidity needed to cut through the earthiness of the beets.

Food for thought: The truth about non-alcoholic spirits

"Why is a bottle of non-alcoholic spirits the same - or even more expensive - than a bottle of fully-leaded booze?" ...

Non-Alcoholic Bourbon?

What if you could make all your favorite whiskey-based cocktails, just without the alcohol? 

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