Kiss from a Rosé

This rose-colored ultra-low proof cocktail (less than 2% ABV) is a summery, sophisticated combination of The Spirit of Gin, Lillet Rosé, and strawberries, turned effervescent with hop water.

Bitters & Beer

Here's a fun beer spritz for the summer featuring The Spirit of Milano, The Spirit of Tequila, and some friends.

The Boulevardier Spritz

A playful twist on the traditional cocktail, our Boulevardier Spritz goes from day to night, bringing The Spirit of Bourbon into a classic spritz.

The Milano Spritz

The perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a Campari or Aperol Spritz.

Raspberry Collider

Accelerate your taste buds with this beautifully nuanced N/A cocktail with the colliding flavors of tarragon, mint and saffron honey syrup.

Waste Not, Want Not

Save those pineapple rinds!! That’s the secret to the delicious pineapple basil & tarragon cordial that's at the heart of this vibrant green non-alcoholic cocktail.

The Koji Sour

For a modern take on a Whiskey Sour, try this twist which uses miso paste to add more complexity and balance to the traditional cocktail.

Pink Gin & Tonic

Get in the pink with a delightful pink non-alcoholic gin and tonic, fashioned with dried rose buds and Peychaud's bitters.

Bourbon Shakerato

Your morning coffee never tasted so good. Enjoy your espresso with The Spirit of Bourbon in this classic Italian frothy espresso cocktail.

The Bees Knees

"There is something about the Free Spirits gin that reaaaaaaaaaaaally brings out the citrus in the drink."

Holiday Lights Lemonade

Look what Santa brought this year, another non-alcoholic cocktail for the new year. For a zingier, more refreshing c...

The Huckleberry Diablo

(The Dark-Fruited Cousin of the Margarita)

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